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Wax 'n' Wix

An Adirondack Candle Making Studio

Located at 38 Montcalm Street, Lake George NY 12845

Telephone: 518-668-5988, Email:

Make your own candles for your home, as a gift or for a special occassion

Call for Reservations: Great for Birthday Parties, Mom's Day Out, Girl Scout Badges

Here's how it's done:

Step 1

Select a mold from our extensive collection of shapes and sizes  

       Sample Molds        "Your Making a Chunk Candle, the Mold determines the Final Shape."

Step 2

Choose the colored wax that you like and would like to use to build your candle

                  Colors and Shapes         "Fill the Mold with any Color you like. Let your Imagination Run Wild."          

Step 3

Pick a scent from our collection of customized aromas

Step 4

Build your candle and leave it with us. Our Candle Experts add the hot wax and scent.

In an hour, your work of art is ready.

                Sample Candles A               Sample Candles B